Languent | learn English with the lion king 1994


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scar circle kings lion sire banana pride hyenas lions kingdom prepared sana squash worries brave hungry wonder antelope monkey danger vagabonds warthog pouncing unwinding philosophy murderer roar lands brains path elephant lesson challenge hole beyond prove rise chain moves daddy mighty accident sing awful sooner surprise wide-eyed lionesses bared major-domo cheetahs hairball leaping ambitions slobbering poachers madam slimy craze wanderer graveyard gravel trio deliberately disobeyed baba stampede phrase mangy savanna hippo harmony despair satisfying sleeps dangling grub herd grass zebra tragedy passing connected nephew jungle hunting forgotten confused deserve touches majesty checking motto responsible genius balance evening surprised pinned dangerous royal faith idiots showed falls wild simply everywhere pardon hurry creepy laugh stars disappointed wing beak master dumb teeth enemy spot missed changing brings wonderful bunch suppose prepare calm rolling main laid bottom hula dawdle uncertainties gamey piquant delicacies downhearted thick-skinned saluted murkiest addressee deliciously tiptoeing unawares successions scareder hornbills uninspiring blossoming shadowy asana rump spanning leopards tenacity heart-to-heart baboon nearer betrothed commoners sapphire jugular stooge dawning wildebeest wildebeests enchanted retention sordid brute curtsy grovel trespassers fireflies undisputed navigational squared admits banzai liege dine illustrate quiver prizes coup adored marvellous all-time doves outcast dreadful voyager dispose hyena anyplace brownish rustle aroma littered pushy mingle shudder cubs bowling acquaintance thrilled sensational starve scam sorrow dues stuffed caress restless occasions boundary endless managerial rests outdoors approaches kaleidoscope carefree wildly gene appeal winds shaping meticulous emphasise vacant lacked borders decades expressions spotlight pressures twisting northern duties shallow amateur beats sparkling quid ashes ruin assumed descending rises begun thus naturally rightful tingles ruler diversion backside gorge differences bait hunk naughty billions lively fling romantic slippery mane africa guide stinking injustice denial warrior sunrise faithful dodo noble bravest surrender beasts bone creature twilight respected reflection pleasant enemies stood sentenced doomed throne peculiar fixer-upper outfit slipped prince romance beware repeat pals rhyme protective dusk dawn herds kitty swine garlic hunt seeds bubble stupidest coconuts behold downwind feature elephants joint impeccable following underground lighten error crunch messes cares blinking well-being rewarded realise guessing responsibilities border forgive returned juicy keeps ceremony challenging shade hernia satisfied grow ruling favourite practise generations arrive arranged atmosphere lovely announce visit presentation monarchy solve stinky humiliating shiny pleased greet powers fear mention ashamed strength fuzzy pulled meal tastes attitude member assure crawling proper tradition sensitive apart impossible sees ahem exists rally pity timing buzzards bump surely nearly event bigger lousy pleasure glorious chase advice loss prosper improved lights turns familiar planet disaster slow signal mercy treat fried dirty pathetic games creatures hairy dots century matters hurts drag assume surrounded pool turtle marry fool blue buzz gold lifetime decide example bees handsome indeed subjects lunch eating learned correction bath stinks stealing rush killing tasty thick tough problems saved crossed hiding humble besides create despise destroyed clever chicken tree nuts manage mentioned fresh moved guilty bird soul headed helped wind handy sandwich wherever messing bust delicate upstairs taught teacher beat stuck quick magic barely truly rules caught balls meat deny starts bodies responsibility knocked dear violence born practically definitely rule finds ditch presence teach shame finest burning keeping mess awake depressed sniff dress ridiculous heat round rare planning clue expected favour relax knock fired size bite heavy bounce technically bacon