Languent | learn English with the imitation game 2014


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turing enigma machine german bloody messages germans settings convoy puzzle radio intelligence crossword alexander lunch commander soviet military professor letter judge maths classified differently cambridge solve british machines gentlemen weather broken cipher churchill stewart homosexual decrypted encrypted intercept britain navy suspicious programme letters impossible papers normal notes pardon joke factory hitler violence obviously u-boats counterpart plugboard u-boat soviets unbreakable manchester nazi decrypt communications polish pleasant rejected complaint brains carrots searching bombs bleeding army entirely europe smarter midnight chap suggest bloke london clock leak became trip puzzles allow ordinary imagines continue build beat feels double prison actual records fired fellow admiralty nazism intercepts homosexuals rotor secretaries tardiness rotors decode gibberish theorem cyanide evacuated victories arse cryptography outrun mathematician secrecy matrix burglary marrying fifty-nine stalin envelope foam rubbish matthew commanding linguists allies civilians intercepted smuggled tyranny sorts candidate mathematics phrase passenger berlin unit sergeant propose shock chose dozen holiday seek infinitely peas hoped cracked treason sandwiches believes atlantic apples solving lied engaged prodigy hardly useless smiled noise freedom murray ships determine gather detective passing file break-in handful unacceptable disagree affairs command christ square process published logical lovely foreign precious department progress scratch secrets sport urgent majesty correct germany positively quickly proper french crack joking technical americans introduce spies pity asks empty gives genius complete games lived paying evening assume positions humans desk bear royal millions dance walked nervous faster helping minds simply problems mysterious hiding hundred officer lies breathe fresh likes rain wrote tend sandwich hungry root subject upstairs teacher barely caught opportunity feed wonderful starts excellent suppose precisely exist park twice keeping produce ridiculous expected surprise placed prefer predilections hormonal twitching solemn enthusiasts fleets civilisations normandy decoded himmler ensign gunnery descends veers scramblers voltages sloe chaste bollockses entreating touchy marseillaise narcissist diagonal indecency disagrees cryptographic norway serbia fanned diagonally euler irrationals lacing sips outset loners precocious patrols convoys rewiring chimes murky manila humdrum requisition irascible schoolboy zeros brecht off-putting engulf agnostic binomial bobbies thimbleful undiluted nock capitals shortest kike loops calculus analysing squadron oceans caroline clerical miraculously clamps unmarried inhuman theorised armies midday better-looking concerning insufferable strawberries downing cryptographers pints bombers pint decipher executed landlady minion pacifist dreadfully trailing tailed robbing admittedly ultra co-worker haunt obliterated errands qualifies protects gears championship suspicions wires spectrum moscow spat flattered lunchtime ransacked mediocre steaming crumbles arrogant inquiry intercom attachments apron intimate brightest proximity determines performed alongside lithuania wrens instructs literal imitation burgess eliminating bovine communist approaches bedside headmaster films mill concluded servicemen tyre repeated poland factories organise tonnes inseparable discipline undertaking tuberculosis mathematicians tasks preferences burnt divisions abilities flirting dull directed imminent interrogate eliminate leaked erased tapping engineer strangely algebra frequency confessed encoded clearance guessed expertise announced intellect invasion sweep predictable solitary quid instantly ashes documents encryption terribly declared exchanged chess intention stating roosevelt calculation efforts beings circumstance promptly divergences russians suitable primary handed newton consequently rarely digital creating sums rational candidates professors signals mounts coordinates universal catherine selected bulb codes improvise inspired ambassador pause denied develop disappointing hardest harbour spirit dragged defeated epic noses advanced cure flooding believable qualified satisfying spinning attacks hopeless bombing sons testified particularly achieved note arnold right-hand peaceful safer offended link stiff dies interests certified romance fetch evaluate repeat desperately release chum unable resume false patience determining visitors lamb male designed alley engagement actions crooked lips solved sadly spreading developed bible routine newspaper random weighing einstein elsewhere received marriage protecting sink switch trick therapy exact copper west maintain expired poof deliver bastards soldiers politics commitment telephone fury deeply realise blind thousands refusing premises market medication isolated fund penis granted assault instructed hats apologies pray degrees immediately shred steel expensive aged interfere committed effort limited hiring highest suffering warrant worries walks statistics doctors admitted savings possibilities scientific cases specific wire favourite paranoid began breaking forced response responds importance repetitive flies drank minimal funding reading filed closely direct discuss design residence regulations staff concern formal files details producing environment visit denmark social heavily written pieces requirement supplied democracy divide accept brilliant highly joined commit belief vital hollow attractive failure defeat distribution trusted investigation beyond burn interrupt england largest france designing pretend monster starving tastes orders checking task parts electrical checked crush ruckus conducting device project becomes discovered wheels insulted wide alternative exists setting tear bingo sight escort depending admit jaguar types criminal dropping built fixing pleasure glorious firing jail accused arrived sake popular advice dreams winning results flag crown title likely fella associate lonely earned turns tower remove nation slow weekend final changes production victory regret result employment appropriate lawyers poor source matters theory conspiracy tiny respond bread campaign interest marry recall allergic interview reports restricted humming stellar rhythm jock decide carefully latest improve pollen begins shake boots bother window knees indeed belong planes bright tackle wood pile expecting upper stole chain stolen idiots hangs useful fancy arrest ocean nicer events meaning battle possibly unwelcome fragile goodness famished alert treatment cousins strange hundreds choose warmest floating join crime poem hero luxury digging usually boring duck hence ticket bobby maximum aware village flowers satisfaction literally woke accidentally destroy helped pops degree church bastard pair taught wondering major college extremely disgusting soup doubt account truly seemed appointment responsibility dear listening yesterday murder type suddenly necessarily allowed finds teach kick neighbour personally compute orange equipment bottom round answers quiet usual easier eventually stories bought clue cheer suspect nasty tells jesus greatest careful finished sooner clearly agents bite daily flat cleaning levels difference zero