Languent | learn English with the departed 2006


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sergeant undercover cops providence sullivan french boston unit prick microprocessors file department tail weapons irish detective papers remind arrest trooper fucked massachusetts surveillance identity files informant phones supper jail crew funeral crime motherfucker cousin cocksucker freud bags warrant staff license investigation period checked gives camera cars congratulations weapon bullshit goddamn cash grand difference babu departed cunt immaculate troopers policeman tapes cock collie transaction bookie guineas marsh mushrooms investigations following shrink criminals kicked cell pussy bullet organized internal environment regular behavior empty leak federal cameras roof mass airport scene poor surprised amen neighborhood problems tired blow forgot soul church bastard account brings downstairs prepare calm dump marshes gloucester dame felonies compartmentalizing pappas umass blowjob homos worcester keel cunts lennon commonwealth statements processors merit erase cranberry beeped professionally forged recommending assigned accuse tipped password absence worker transcript doubts pursue demise generally sensibilities ignored sucking shock faithful medal navy arnold murderer grant counselor inappropriate eternal highness repeat involves protected investigate squeeze confirm boyfriend including coke robbery academy cigarettes whatnot promotion pursuit connected assault hard-on hits serve rats alarm drugs liar arresting snitches probation douche christ pretending direct projects automatic details america books friday earn guns mention normally pays arrested parts appear partners patient prove signed standards juice followed county narrow attorney nation signal result mercy dirty unfortunately rise paying grandmother hurts jobs graduation shake popped lunch tuesday fancy souls killing subtle tough choose carrying hundred daddy feelings usually tree nuts judge joke gentlemen beer teeth pictures delicate spot quick feed selling excellent dick action yesterday bringing thursday busted personally twice smoke product ridiculous easier sell curious whiff tells jesus wipe records understood insurance relax detail wash trade proud milk heavy carry shine professional subdue whiffing bartenders disinformation feudal disgruntled gnawing self-abuse indulging hedging iras forgives laryngectomy haberdashery wiretap chinaman confessional pederast verifies lorazepam puked cadets entitlement bombardier peckers subunit tuba slander psychoanalysis mart fuckhead diuretic graced court-ordered trainee upper-class parquet self-deception hawthorne three-decker ticks lazio normative maggot vets solidifies firefighters queers blowback commend micro mick jordan cocksuckers sheffield informer chinks chinamen waterfront irishman nigger reassigned archdiocese carolina supernatural synonymous paged anointed murdering illustrate suiting handler uproar ballistics graffiti handgun goof patriot iraqi bologna tumor tetanus fucks two-faced surveil dickhead homeland joyce peels revolver patrick nuke thailand resigned breed perpetual camel prescription movers disrupt wires warehouse fucker small-time self-reliance plea showers slate lease indulge murders psychiatry spilled ceilings splitting scotch confess excessive aptitude firemen projectile pencils spooky departures offenders radically distress corrupt regression taiwan pedigree whaling timothy vulnerability smirk accordingly classmates accents nasa tech resident clams proving coordinating numb indians tended poland particles readiness reaching presently enhanced tearing last-minute randomly standby info audio sockets delivering erased rationale sedan integrity agencies compartment kneel vitals briefing prim uncomfortable paradox lieutenant uniform extensive astronaut organs moments creek nail marginally full-time hancock deception gents documents houseguest chat jeopardize sins psychiatrist processor counsel sats uses principles commissioner clinical studying sisters undesirable harvard stab fathers shakespeare attempted candidates operate signals bagpipes yards units enterprise carpet makeup doughnut shift mugs elite empty-handed selected loaves invade sushi codes seal overtime monaco snake hardest spirit impervious sealed lets complain duty shore armored almighty bone attacks crawl blades follows theresa presidency sons confession cooperation mafia tenants floors members connections troubles weekends governor asses liquor baggage whore niggers straighten apiece dies sentimental murderers suspended weep grave vows outfit bothered slam glove mental conceal pail panic shove parent kitten layer mayor soft twenty donkey lied stupidest suits promoted transferring haircut acts cracking answered rough speck knights officers servant einstein joint restaurants marriage unlikely drew bottle according disappoint checks armed convicted threat represented expired shitless liver priest allegedly bastards brown grocery drunk jerking buyers squash painful passing jacked spell skull guessing fridge blind badge hump dumpster border liaison ordered kitchen mayo nephew penis prescriptions forgive searching registered enforcement slept ears connection knifed murdered causes leaks forth barrel china restaurant degrees immediately innocent lungs items helps tuned committed extra chair limited janitor highest fold falling raid strike informants dope christmas walks helpful violent slight pills courtesy pride psycho score lobster convinced prom citizen ruling debt spread wire meetings bonus locked players potatoes forced tends advantages benefits march cuts theater distinction directly detection application reliable discuss wednesday lovely basis computers lots exam medical guidance social pieces solve shape recorded commit drinking messy beating hill reality someday destination hole florida trunk fear younger newest training model trusted photograph beyond military figured chop bets grew pretend meal families catholic boxes terminal crawling karate plenty particular tradition rising stress crack impossible offense joking beacon excellence discovered good-looking caller invite pretended compromised comic clock timing hotshot setting pace bingo client sight escape coat spoke angels cruise becoming lincoln soldier hates necessary pleasure route moron advice fellas confident crown idiot third pressure losers likely briefcase associate earned genius instinct loaded developing afternoon mall official slow weekend suicide base health legitimate charges allow dressed destruction flush smell razor battery enjoy couch nature jury common century columbus source theory intend massive profit smack truck assume washington limit parade bread runs recall dreaming chips unbelievable freeze missile visual blue initial deck nine opened available pouring gold throat decide freaks gate technology division grade wave window view flying ideas bright facing eating tissue laying stole insulting weakness dancing sentence talks showed fill wise moves intelligence unreal tasty staying thin hanging crossed specifically fitness smash officer pigs machine beach dismissed passed lies opening chicken dying slip duck cream drinks honesty honest ticket issues foot acceptance aware notice moved quality guilty natural customer literally fell settle tend convince liked pipe sweetheart princess suffers subject cheese asshole privacy unlock retarded teacher major cats changing shoes leaves mole stink dragging held caught balls wonderful bunch bathroom smile appointment jerked otherwise plastic container flip deals reaction knocked concerned listening capable murder born instance forms shitting freaking definitely reached necessarily double overnight finds worst presence shame feds homes finest artist inches homo mess walking pants style tight orange faggot dress stable setup wonder rate dollars prison turning owns aunt bucks downs cancer asleep sooner knock drug citizens ongoing fired streets outstanding size plus constant elements