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bonds mortgage swaps market housing bond banks sell bear fund burry mortgages loans baum credit billion default rates value jared ratings investors financial bubble stanley fail losses lawrence synthetic economy rate fraud investment selling zero tranches markets banking collapse department sold trade securities goldman lynch defaults stocks banker agencies underlying vegas prices lewis filled smell paying interest dumb price bullshit jesus insurance adjustable cynthia premiums contracts stock math betting capital solid america swap risky poor shorts gentlemen caught buying crisis rich bennie liquidity bonuses trader residential fucked immigrants rating motivated payments odds hedge stupidity returns agreement refused thousands collateral debt student loan built holy afternoon rise fish honest moved opportunity bunch homes giant dollars bought awesome tranche voided shorting gully strippers collapsed shorted crooks unhappy paperwork adjusts payoff clueless worthless income assets billions invest angle landlord lobby rejected hijack georgia represent eighty manager offering payment screwed cuban highest savings specific firm sector economic books suffered affected afford options average east wins customers fees chase jail strategy points clients former profit desk jobs millions excited pile upper suck hundred houses boring garden quit asshole extremely total apparently kick chef stable honestly crap suisse keycards colonic delinquencies refinance armageddon epididymis zoloft prospectuses talmud bundled uneventful halibut sundae vermont blackjack chipper schmuck sincerely lender cabs lettuce tech exposure trading fraudulent variable trades congress consumers confessing nationwide treasury withdraw obligation porter budget fails studying roughly monitor institutions requirements riveted packages scores sarcastic authority outsiders rabbi continued profits monthly backed resume warren investigate seeds fields onions played agency margins bankruptcy ripping funds confusing accounts foolish unloading cents screen crunch brothers clowns comfortable ordered jumping moody therapist morons restaurant healthy messages estate walks prime club concerns illegal colorado contractor response march soil directly tomato correlated concern optimism files industry transportation friday majority social english bull brilliant probability based atomic yield dollar ability largest loser parts quickly match modern standard prefers unload bigger garage sixty letting responsible delinquent popular fellas winning loss strip losers pulling turns familiar disaster products valuable session superior lawyers companies manhattan competition century rumors sale yelling unbelievable positions dime awkward view ball lunch eating boom expecting push idiots simply opinion invited problems strange choose machine floating huge realized explode manage foot fresh notice joke performance customer fell bust miserable focus wondering quarter consider bathroom appointment responsibility concerned reputation opposite suddenly allowed basic goddamn walking dealer product prick bottom clue bucks certainly driving cash heavy showing growth defraud derivatives overhauled backstop atms sullen volatility tumultuous venerable deuce plummeting decimating bullish teetering iceland notional soapbox fiduciary remittance devalue insures outage slowdown enhancing lashed withdrawals untainted roulette insuring advisors harding countrywide gobbled bedrock royally delinquency assessors crusades motherfuckers downgrading reprehensible monthlies leveled capitals quintupled chernobyl crunched petrochemicals collated day-old onerous collateralized verification rock-bottom sketchy rower checkbooks scion solvency prevailing torah yeshiva benter riskier webpage valuing commodities madder overdraft grilling mania identifiers monstrosity mutated brokered jordan salomon snot-nosed angriest teaser gardening scoreboard pronounced fueled fuckers inception squared cynical lifeboats taxpayers politely three-year-old hemorrhage calmly broker succeeds rags distrust layers dismissive mentions testicle spook foreman improbable redemption bash butler all-time itsy-bitsy skyrocketed sailboats singapore optimist metro appetizers racist shady take-home saints lifetimes tanks tits high-risk rumblings recognizable criminality explorer upped assholes crunching surveying xanax dozens tanked expires topless bloodbath amazingly conquer skyrocket prediction gist aspen seventy comatose propped excelled lump caesars ammo penalties warehouse dinky diversified ninja hypocrite fallacy streak statements distressing bartender payday shitty markers underneath collins oatmeal overpriced actress pencils eligible crappy laundry cherry diary realist tying michigan restrict policing realization caesar cheaply inheritance greece inconsequential authoritative likelihood forum moral autonomy certainty sentiment prudent seatbelt bankrupt evaluating recruiting refrain wildly proving hallmarks architects regulation unsold dolphin manner unsuspecting index capitalism investing transparent ammonium religion creates decades bosses reacted executives depression mahogany yang patronize tainted blaming anxious deems fallen shocked downgraded inconsistencies observer imminent handing plug salesman emails terrorists prep screwing hunch complexity childhood weirdo muffin guessed opposing babysitter rigged dose worlds meltdown noah dumping insides percentage documents kissing server blocks ginger face-to-face twisted rated restore tens delusional specialist pricing phenomenal economics react bankers reduces demise institution outcome reflected originals generally currency lowest rarely retail incentives reform sums marked profitable employees numerous regulate extraordinary menu spoken pompous convention pennies smashed imagined ipod schedules steak nude owning relatively cologne blank disgust humor authentic gathering bothers poached refresh trash entrusted quarters separates listened raining doomsday matching follows sharpen contained investor sons ballgame impressed verify chairman banana respected whores chaos guaranteed dancers virtuous jersey interfered gambling grant wept cliff froze represents avenue repeat panic compliment institute righteous insight essential flexibility fudge twenty allows burst refuse confirm snooze spiral transferring complicated transform hardly homework sprinkles haircut peep stew basically thirty regional flights judging systems corporate restaurants pensions received obscene treats expense offers unemployment deteriorating relationships incredibly screws dune urine strap checks gather morally error accurate apocalypse brown drunk saint identify painful tragedy industries finger principal jacked hired guessing condo litter volume package prey travel recommend anthony homeless medication failed withdrawal stroke greedy ears interactions keeps utility overdrawn umbrella china facts golf puts immediately accurately charging supply lungs loves nitrate bitches tune scan specifics reviewing drugs thousand cards liar tape wrapped sack underestimate cell violent hint rapid marking grow debate pissed score hunting offered seafood suckers convinced rash channels fools possibility bleed muscle appetite denying wire meetings bonus pension hung hallway christ moses measures advertising activities marketing basketball behavioral portfolio convenience earliest thesis marks noticed filed structure olympic material application discuss flow logical appropriately projects conference confidence currently illness lovely buildings teachers basis scheduled demanding reads presentation medical values terms europe several applicants sheet monday tool considering hearing smarter highly ages license assistant crashed negative reality failure fear crafty touched quote model email blamed beyond correct burn england sounded lunatic revelation crashes owners manufacturing stopped arrested france bets realizes pole independent continues meantime pulled profile chances wheel original neighbor mate checked exposed mentor spain particular classic rising apart pulse impossible button models platform discovered americans sees introduce settled finding fortune fourth secured properly workers further setting experts client breakdown pictured opens forty fixed lower trusts helicopter backwards spoke criminal gives competitors became dropping soldier tank followed famous instrument block pleasure platter unprecedented reported vacation track hooked contract dreams confident results long-term coach leaders crash retirement title roof pressure development parasite slowly shirt loaded california previous planet slow kills suicide vegetables health begin balance terrific complete assuming flew legal equals treat losing considered dirty agreed pitch enjoy churning band crashing unfortunately scene lawsuit shop glasses storm source nose harder rumor massive assume select pages creep wanting pool bread understands cups sheep fashion opened congratulations celebrate bored surprised hitting lifetime society functioning insane forever scary career concludes dean gotten threw rolled above dance crying indeed faith ugly blew thoughts planes belly boil ideas wood boulder bubbles plans neighborhood goal harvey leader bath below believed prepared retired showed singing filling wild nicer intelligence possibly continue staying series eggs hanging saved hiding rent weirdos hundreds everywhere generous create build join crime feelings hero legendary hated chicken core managing nuts blow cream issues court exotic soaring management likes voice laugh protection quality master jumps culture tracks video folks broken understanding angry remotely wrote tend wind degree convince sunday wherever player teeth neither skin pictures suit taught beat stuck mostly college quick changing shoes supposedly leaves percent barely held somehow hilarious warning property knowing excellent weed education deals action coast hopes waste listening self-interest acting yesterday higher perfectly instance organic interested calm definitely sweetie double park positive main worst busted bail personally miami acceptable burning obviously dogs smoke garbage wonder apply rare publish eventually prison curious owns heads actual sucker post scenario breakfast greatest relax asleep finished wash picked drug clearly fired shots glass bite plus carry flat cleaning levels smells difference