Languent | learn English with ice age the great egg scapade 2016


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eggs sequence easter hole tango pirate peaches voice possum mammoth sloth bunny april valley species opening voices sequences plank glue miracle extinct families hide fool favorite dance feast cave carlos characters sunrise pirates attacking pillage dinosaur hawks watering glacier note panic hunt acorn basically rough herd cares painful universe dialogue weigh tons effort draw spring chocolate beginning someday trunk picks mate tracking became ending animal nature poor nose movies humans monkey sail fill possibly painting jump build rabbit tree nest folks suit beat character quick extremely bowl melting feed tails prepare born ways flood sudden grand cardinal chose squeaks purrs wedge vocalizing punched temp temps defined matched bopped voluntarily temporary rewarding collaborative responses polish gags choreography sketch drawings scripted outsmart contrast comedy disheveled uglier swirl personality mold feminine eyelashes elegant well-groomed foil writers slapstick animation storyline moviemaking geniuses peach epic shortcut paddle hallucinating boogers graves neighbors egbert marshmallows burned seaworthy eagles hand-crafted fluff suggests cottontail insidious napped maps ransom toad horny hoops wobble oblongs deceptively niece uncles rite pranking poached exfoliating outsmarted refresh ecosystem dozen trustworthy referred kidnap sank scheme plunder bloomer trash droppings scavenge coop savannah digested entrusted nurtured plugs prank holiday launching mastodon formation holidays noses adopt migrated melancholy seasons vultures possums mammoths camp reptile hail particularly passage added stiff loyalty cliff release whale parent aboard migration furry false paws nonsense sniffing colors cuddly soft recognize mouths mammals cube hunter tricky branch hardly traps booby sadly developed horses bunnies director elsewhere wiped setback according vicious cunning identify memory brothers wears bury buck option connected weighs moody eleven humiliated puts alarm immediately shell challenging cards falling belongs hunting holes bless fools specific artists generations process importance struggle marks noticed entrance precious instincts terms deserve keister scratch ended brilliant hill loosen fluffy touched preparing funnier trusted beyond burn despite strength pays fuzzy designing treasure tastes original crush bridge throughout button tickles motto shows finding trapped voyage jerk escape backwards brakes cruise smooth sexy built holy talent entertainment crash booth fella genius center lights final kingdom sleeping returning production motion flew dirty pathetic pitch inner invented compete recall coolest blue nine shave surprised insane scary roll above crying hatch sunny ideas plans pack tied incredible goal expecting stomach normal nervous darn stole insulting showed falls wise moves spit noises assignment goodness tough feather hiding sneak celebration basket create clever daddy chicken poses movement nuts beast manage judge laugh scrambled stars tail trap wasting headed weather friendly nowhere neither sweetheart skin butt stuck mostly spot missed changing quarter mole awful wonderful individual noticing legs feels triangle form issue therefore birth perfectly opposite concept definitely bringing senior rule double dump ditch kick basic mommy skinny negotiate signature pure bottom embarrassing relax paint cash surprise shots amount size warm bite shooting bounce awesome taste