Languent | learn English with ice age 2 the meltdown 2006


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mammoth possum flood mammoths extinct prey fear crash burro jump tree sloth herd brothers species melting claw offended swim rocks stalking kick worshiped overreacted possums camp babies thousand instincts tiger valley idiot animals roll faster wild thin carry bits flaming advanced sacrifice impress footprints hawk platypus extinction vulture underwater enemies stubborn kidnapped apologise happily bigger grandpa followed letting biggest covered creatures lived pond picking scary bravery dinosaurs falls blown killing suck saved brave everywhere hurry join breath breathe natural folks dumb butt responsibility mommy round easier sell crap bachelors scat gooey noble avert gentler proves minefield involuntary vultures catchy sloths mini sleepwalking surging juju recognised decorator stake ledge medal duty stalk separates sabres faced dove uncertainty shore leap slowpoke miracle dung mayhem wingman listened lame turtledove bullfrog completes narrow-minded infuriating lily-livered spineless bravest shadows wilton snatched perimeter scope cure twig unsightly shed escaping diseases picky brink newt branches miscreants rattlesnakes surrender loneliest tusk fifths persuasive sensitivity hygiene fatality overturned geyser crumbling tumbling raining lava giants buoyant gizmo revolutionary reeds squid evolve retract spleen coughed geronimo one-thousandths aspersions patchy flooding doomsday eons construction burros believable grazing demeaning equal childcare qualifications qualified languages creativity torture blindfolds pee-pee satisfying sturdy jolly hail stood nicely cliff steam farther backed gills splash compliment travelled furry rabbits pesky tigers kitty drowning claws eats eyesight adventure bark fields camouflage burst sticky shoulder experienced eaten drown branch overslept diet treats rapidly sink travelling breathing unattended gather cocky tribe commitment squash selfish saving breeze holds ants realise bury blind ultimate kicked thousands travel stayed potential catching stump sinking tons outlook falling slight pride holes appealing badger misunderstanding muscle brush survival confused design arranged prior vary delighted sunshine lots demonstrate argument intense river treating shape assistant continents messy beating hole attractive weight model role swooped warn powerful strength trunks attitude member crawling device consistent plenty rising impossible hide invite trapped pace forecast speech escape asks tricks classics scaring admit brakes tossed edge hates built pleasure moron sake cast advice results ending racing genius disaster slow kingdom animal snack treat nerves smell helpless enjoy poor hairy race jealousy candy dreaming knocking warming global bats opened congratulations shave grab patch hitting insane sting funeral survive insensitive credit ugly belly bright walls stomach darn push floats correction danger showed cave fill singing ocean lake trees tough hanging choose carrying gift besides harm pardon wings huge daddy chicken dying core usually boring blow beast foot tall growing likes birds quality woke soul master weather convince hungry grape stuck mostly missed total mole stink truly rules bowl balls meat fabulous dating smile legs crust otherwise bodies yesterday lock born opposite calm reached sweetie rule traffic cousin sudden mobile ridiculous wonder corner embarrassing sooner knock pounds surprise size solution technically smells lane