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Basic Words

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have know just there about here right like yeah want well think will okay going need back come good time were tell been look take some then make really more people down over sorry mean never doing little only said thing give jack sure call find president work still first help talk please very much even before thank great other love maybe guys told thought does keep believe wait nothing again last long life night things better through after made stop ever years name someone fine talking place away kind three done every hear being around might listen wanted always trying coming home getting leave best understand feel happened course father today another house must left stay many world enough kill next wrong minutes found actually money most remember nice looking care dead together friend came move girl baby hell same room thanks went already phone while called both ready idea start guess bring family hold working show mind problem took once friends mother head wants real pretty used heard whole open saying also woman soon hard deal part meet matter having happen knew second brother seen whatever haven play live stuff thinking says happy ross each such killed five point under tonight watch turn morning king taking exactly supposed probably hours check knows making office gave number year country hello days chance person hand means hope gone wife important true looks speak team minute story asked between word excuse lost line four door trust face lord alone leonard makes change different question cause answer water business kids case white gets least tomorrow rest reason inside needs close party plan able later island crazy telling half city john moment behind marshall hands building started rachel worry safe couple pick clear questions information married order lady school side damn read send late food chandler times lily comes security daughter break game almost date children anyway robin truth penny fact week hour bill tried cool agent either fire mine alive months brought fight miss somebody waiting news stand sounds honey shot walk dude high hurt goes shut stupid easy sleep husband asking outside save plane wish free running forget full north lives hang sister funny moving control heart choice promise eyes women hate possible anymore less sent meeting death front ahead past living though system taken power howard wedding afraid body quite died dinner phoebe attack beautiful welcome light small lose frank sound apartment drink weird happens totally nobody calling young secret seems longer state known area leaving protect doctor sometimes given evidence police human mistake book giving works pull government words finally girls feeling sense company serious bomb figure playing drive fucking seven lead weeks david list future situation become follow glad along special worked bitch seem hair using trouble street happening palmer sweet explain perfect position relationship parents black takes fast service sign entire sort touch blood million kidding needed american public town meant message contact space step research general middle wall support somewhere luck seeing ground within across broke talked table none coffee states clean seriously shit history child field drop early involved thinks boys absolutely queen instead worth miles amazing throw mark station perhaps learn movie changed single spend watching hospital united rather study sick cover personal return wearing boat access picture catch code turned stark holding buddy worse offer vice appreciate fuck looked press till underwood group girlfriend paper shoot handle grace expect lying pass captain however peace anywhere floor finish worried straight conversation respect road fault often feet fall decision scared strong kept except sherlock imagine private eight attention decided sitting simple jimmy calls cute spent felt seat agree flight copy uncle swear south force test ship earth realize lucky experience short level card birthday smart certain busy ones piece terrible green brain interesting rock land write cold target wear nuclear class starting computer lawyer store national putting report university stick loved chinese wake dream record students ride missing near seconds ring honor teams boss risk fighting science board deep music charge fair dark bank month section secretary names kiss forward large operation upset standing difficult data count star present numbers share paid location train reach search pain named address mouth completely ladies