Learn English with movies and series

introduction Languent app helps you learn English language by watching the most famous and beloved movies and TV series. Other features of Languent are: complete lists of words and courses for different exams such as IELTS and PTE, famous English books, and also a complete collection of movies and TV series. English by movie manages the words you have learned as you go through your learning process and you’ll always have new practical words to learn.


For every task in English exams such as IELTS and PTE. There are complete lists and crucial materials in the app that you can learn by watching the videos.


All the words used in hundreds of movies and series are available .you can easily see how they are used in every day English and learn them.


Read English-language vocabulary books with pleasure in a practical manner by watching videos and listening audio files, and learn all the related vocabulary with movies and series.

Unique features

The Languent app provides you with the features you will not find anywhere else

Word management system

Depending on how you use the app and marking your known words, you'll find words in the lessons that are new to you.


Browse the words that are new to you or you would like to review their movie and series examples, book them and always have access to them separately.

Hundreds of movies and series

Hundreds of famous movies, series and animations are available to you to see the words used in them with a variety of examples and enhance your listening skills.

Advanced search

Find every word you see somewhere on the app's home screen and see how it works in the movie and series, along with their meaning in your language and also in English.

More than one million examples

More than a million examples of audios and videos are presented for how words from movies, series, credible materials, and authentic British books are presented in the app.

>More than a hundred thousand words

More than 100,000 words are available, and you will learn them according to your usage and your chosen level.


The prices are set to allow you to use the app with any budget




  • Access lessons and list of words
  • Access bookmarks section
  • Access the section of known words
  • Ability to view 5 words per day



€5.99 / monthly

  • Access lessons and list of words
  • Access bookmarks section
  • Access the section of known words
  • Unlimited words



€9.99 / monthly

  • Access lessons and list of words
  • Access bookmarks section
  • Access the section of known words
  • Unlimited words


By studying this section, the ambiguity in many sections will be addressed.

How do I learn English in this way?

By studying English this way you will learn English as children do, by watching and hearing the language. The most important is that whatever you hear to be correct. By using the movies you are always in touch with the native language as much as getting familiar with different accents and you will learn the word's meanings too.

What level of English knowledge does this app require to be effective?

This app has a very rich database of English materials with different levels from movies, series, and books. From very basic words to very hard ones. This app will help you learn more independent of your English level.

What does the word management system do in the app?

The app manages what words to show in a smart way. As you study English with the app and mark your known words, it shows you the words you do not know. So, you always have new words to study. This also helps when studying a new lesson. Before you start you will know how many words you have studied before. Imagine you've been studying with the app for some time, now you go into the "504" lesson. Before you begin the app tells you already know 200 words and you have 304 to go.

How to use the app to better improve the listening skill?

Go to each word material section. You will see many usages of that word. Firs hide the subtitle and try to hear everything that is said in the video, the video will replay several times for you. Then try to write what you heard and finally turn on the subtitle and check.

How to use the app to better improve speaking skills?

Try to repeat the sentences you hear in the video in the exact timing with the same pronunciation and accent. This will make you subconsciously learn the words and colocations and improves your accent as well.

Can I use the app as a dictionary too?

Yes! App's word database is so rich that you can use it as a complete dictionary. You just need to search the word you want on the app's homepage. You could also bookmark words to review them later.

Does this app make me have a better understanding of movies and series?

Yes! There is also a section in the app for movies and series separately. You can see the words that have been used in them and review them before you start to watch them.

Can I use this app for tests like IELTS and PTE exam?

Yes! There are numerous test materials uploaded in the app and all of their words have been extracted. By using this section of the app you can be sure that you have all the vocabulary that you need in your test.